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”VIII All Russian Composers Competition named after Andrey Petrov”

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Festival Andrei Petrov

September 19 at the Great Hall of the St. Petersburg Academic Philharmonic. DD Shostakovich was the final VIII All-Russian competition composers. Andrei Petrov, which were presented to the best works of composers of the contestants, carefully selected by the jury in the previous stages.

Eighth All-Russia competition composers. AP Petrova held in the "Symphonic Music" and took place in the period from June 2014 to September 2014 inclusive. The competition was held in three rounds. All participants composers presented their works anonymously (motto). The organizing committee received 120 symphonies from 40 cities and towns of Russia, as well as seven countries near and far abroad: Belarus, Italy, Canada, Ukraine, Sweden, Estonia and Japan.

  The first and second rounds of the competition were held in June and July in St. Petersburg. Based on the voting of the jury reached the final six finalists.

The third and final round of the competition was held in the Great Hall of the St. Petersburg Academic Philharmonic. DD Shostakovich 19 September 2014 in the form of a public concert-listening selected artworks. The concert was attended by the Academic Symphony Orchestra (Artistic Director and Chief Conductor - People's Artist of the USSR Alexander Dmitriev), conductor - Honoured Artist of Russia Arkady Steinlucht. Soloists - Alex Ludewig (viola), Rolf-Erik Nystrom (saxophone, Norway).

Winners of 2014 are:

1st place - Igor Drukh, "Betelgeuse" phantasmagoria for large symphony orchestra (St. Petersburg)

2nd place - Katarina Leyman, «King of Clouds» (Sweden)

3rd place - Nurulla-Hodge Farangees, «Concerto for Saxophone and Sinfonietta» (Canada).

Audience Award - Elmir Nizams, "Heaven movement" (Kazan).

Diplomas of Contest 2014:

Alina Pozorova, "Freefall" (Moscow)

Elmir Nizams, "Heaven movement" (Kazan)

Arthur Vabel, «Concerto for viola and orchestra» (St. Petersburg).

The idea of ​​the All-Russian competition Andrey Petrov was born in the depths of the Composers' Union of St. Petersburg in 2006-2007, in order to perpetuate the memory of his long-term chairman of the outstanding figure of Russian music Andrey Pavlovich Petrov.

The main objective of the competition - is to support serious art, involvement in the world of high music wider audience, the Russian regions, the involvement of young people in the active and passive participation in the festival events, the opening of new composers' names, preservation and promotion of heritage of the Russian school of composition. Federal Competition significance - is primarily to create and strengthen the positive image of St. Petersburg as Russia's northern capital. Certainly, it is the preservation and development of Russian national culture, as well as its inherent traditional cultural, historical and spiritual and moral values​​, aimed at creating and developing a culture of tolerance and multi-ethnic society in Russia. The most important task of the festival and competition - promotion of spiritual and moral values​​, promoting the ideals of classical literature, art and music and their inversion in the modern metropolis, which also contributes to the preservation and development of historical and cultural heritage of St. Petersburg, the expansion and deepening of knowledge about the history and culture of St. -Petersburg and Russian population of our country and people from other countries.

Contest and festival help in solving such important problems as the identification and support of talented composers, poets and artists from the regions of Russia and countries near and far abroad, introduction to musical art the maximum number of music lovers and pioneers of this art form, as by highlighting events in the media media, and due to a huge number of various formats of events that cater to various target audiences of potential viewers. Within the framework of the Competition and Festival celebrates music A.P.Petrova and other famous contemporary Russian composers, music popularized talented young composers, including the winners of the last and previous contests them. A.P.Petrova, there is an interchange between the regions of the creative forces to take part in concerts, children are organized competitions and concerts, master classes, photographic and art exhibitions, meetings with the family and colleagues of the composer, a retrospective of films and documentaries with music A. P.Petrova.

The jury included:

Chairman - People's Artist of Azerbaijan, professor Frangiz ALIZADE

Leonid DESYATNIKOV - composer, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation

Alexander Knaifel - composer, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation

Valery Platonov - Conductor, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation

Anatoly Korolev - composer

Alexander Popov - composer

Alexander Radvilovich - composer

Vladimir Tarnopolsky - composer

Finalists are assigned laureates or winners and awarded special diplomas and medals. In addition, provided the publication of the winning essay on the CD, as well as cash awards to the winners:

First prize and the title of laureate - 300,000 rubles

Second prize and the title of laureate - 200,000 rubles

Third prize and the title of the winner - 100,000 rubles

Three diploma and the title of diploma - 35 000 rubles

The winning works will be performed not only in the competition but also in the upcoming All-Russian festival of Andrei Petrov.