Tre Faser

(Three Phases)

for Bassett Clarinet


Durata 6’ 30’’

FIrst performance by Stefan Harg,

Café Evterpe: Kvinnliga tonsättare för soloklarinett

Café Aguéli, Stockholm, 19/9 2007

Three Phases also exists in a version for Clarinet in A(2006)

that was premiered by Stefan Harg at Slovenien's Clarinet society's master artist serie,

Domzales konserthus (Ljubljana), Slovenien, 24/11 2006,

The idea and inspiration for the music was the sculpture, Three Phases (Tre faser),

by Fred Leyman. The composition is an attempt to freely capture the experience

of the the sculpture, a rhythmic and airy work made of stainless steel. 

Both pieces are composed for Stefan Harg

”Tre faser” - Fred Leyman

Vårgårda Järnvägsplats

copyright 2017 Katarina Leyman

Listen on Soundcloud: Tre Faser