for large Symphony Orchestra


- - 3*333 4331 13 1 str, cel

Durata approx. 16’

Publisher: SMIC

First performance by Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

conducted by Michael Bartosch,

Stockholm Concert Hall 8/6 2006

From the program notes.

Streams started its days as ”kretslopp” (circulation) and it took a year before the final title came to me. With the music I wanted to depict a circle of life in the absolutely smallest but at the same time largest sense of the meaning.

I have imagined genes that swarm,  gather and connect into DNA-chains that wriggle around, dance, and run forward. I have played with the thoughts of atoms bouncing around and been inspired by Physics fantastic String theory, water movement and fish shoals...

”Informal Subtitles”

(only in the score)



”Streaming Strings of Sounds",

”Searching the Depths",



"Warm Broadly Streaming Strings of Sounds"


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copyright 2017 Katarina Leyman

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