Skulptörens öga

for Orchestra (Sinfonietta)


2 fl, 2 ob, 2 cl, 2 bsn,

2 hrn,

2 trpt,

1 perc (vib)

4 vn I, 3 vn II, 3 vla, 2 vc, 1 cb.

(number of strings is a minimum)

Durata 10’

First performance by Sami Sinfonietta

conducted by Ruben Gimeno Martinez

Nybrokajen 11, 25/5 2005

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From the program notes:

     ” The Eye of the Sculptor” (Skulptörens öga) is dedicated to my father who was a sculptor. Much of his work is airy and rhythmical constructions in stainless steel of often monumental format. In this composition I have tried to explore perspectives and movement in a similar way to what a sculptor would use.

     Another theme for the composition is the passing of time: mortality, decay and the dissolution of the mind. These thoughts has its origin in my father’s last years when he suffered from an increasing senility. Suddenly he just ”wasn’t there” in the way he used to be.

copyright 2017 Katarina Leyman