Roller Coaster: Super 8

for symphony orchestra


Durata ca. 10 min

2*2*2*2* 4231 11  str

Publisher: SMIC

Commissioned by NorrlandsOperan

First performance 2014-01-23, Live broadcast on Swedish Radion P2 Live

NorrlandsOperans Symphony orchestra, cond. Rumon Gamba

Umeå, NorrlandsOperan 

Program notes:

Roller Coaster: Super 8 was commissioned by Norrlandsoperan to be a free comment to Beethoven’s 8th symphony. I played around with the figure 8 and first landed with the infinity symbol, a sideways 8. My thoughts then went to the roller coaster called Super 8 that was situated in the Gothenburg amusement park, Liseberg, a favourite during my childhood. The roller coaster can be a symbol for life itself with its hills and valleys, ups and downs, where you never know just what to expect. The piece plays with the joy, excitement and apprehension you might feel during such a ride.

copyright 2017 Katarina Leyman