About Concerto for Orchestra: An Odyssey

She has got to know NorrlandsOperan's Symphony Orchestra over the past three years. Now, the composer-in-residence Katarina Leyman bids farewell with a Concert for the Orchestra – a journey through the every corner of the orchestra, exploring the characteristics and sounds of the different instruments.

After other symphonies, such as Transient Skies, and the clarinet concert Verdure, it is now time for an orchestral piece. Katarina Leyman takes her listeners on a journey within the orchestra, shifting focus between different sections, allowing individual instruments their chance to shine. As composer-in-residence, this is how she has worked – from within the orchestra. She has spent quite a lot of time sitting on the podium, listening during rehearsals.

“Apart from the exciting format, another important reason behind why I want to compose for the orchestra is because I've got to know them so well and I know what they can do. They are a fantastic orchestra, opening up all kinds of possibilities,” says Katarina Leyman.

Often, an orchestra only plays a modern composer's music a few times. It is hard for the musicians to become acquainted with a new sound in the same way that is now possible.

The format of using a composer-in-residence has, according to Leyman, been an enormous success.

“As a composer, to be able to work and develop alongside a really good orchestra has been a fantastic opportunity and privilege, an unforgettable journey”.

Concerto for Orchestra: An Odyssey


-- 2*2*2*2* 4231 12 1 str, cel 

Durata ca. 30 min

Publisher: SMIC

Commissioned by Norrlandsoperan

Norrlandsoperan Symphony Orchestra, cond. Daniel Cohen

November 26th 2014 Norrlandsoperan Concert Hall, Umeå

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copyright 2017 Katarina Leyman