Durata 14’

First performance by Stefan Harg, cl and  Katarina Ström-Harg, pno

Jubileumskonsert I Sinnenas Tecken, Evterpe 10 år, Kvinnor i musik - Stockholm

Nybrokajen 11, 21/10 2007

Brasilian Garden is composed for Stefan Harg and Katarina Ström Harg

Inspiration for the piece was a trip to Pipa, Brazil, where the sound of the ocean waves always is present and one lives in the company of small monkeys, lizards and hummingbirds.  But I must admit I never saw a snake...

  1. I.Dawn ”excerpt”

II. Macacos (small monkeys) 


III. Lizards and Snakes


Brazilian Garden

for Bassett Clarinet and Piano


I. Dawn 

  1. II.Macacos (small monkeys) 

III. Lizards and Snakes

copyright 2014 Katarina Leyman